How to register and use the application

Accessing VacciTrack Application

  • Tap on VacciTrack App icon
  • On the login screen, Register a new user or login using existing ID



  • For new user registration, click on “Register Now”
  • Enter the details
  • Click on Submit to create new user
  • Once the Registration is completed, user can log into the application



Upcoming Vaccinations

  • The Upcoming Vaccinations screen is the default landing/ home screen
  • User can navigate to other screens by tapping on tabs like “Vaccination Chart” and “Missed”. The navigation bar will remain constant throughout the app
  • Click on the dates to get an expanded view
  • Select the date, enter the administered date and click on Submit to save



Vaccination Chart

  • This chart will display all vaccines of the baby starting from birth week till 10 years of age
  • The various colors denote the current status of the vaccinesGreen – On Time
    Yellow – Delayed
    Grey – Upcoming
    Red – Missed




Missed Vaccinations

  • Displays list of all missed vaccines
  • Select to manually enter administered date of vaccine and click Submit to save